Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Common EIder, King EIder "Sense of Place" teaser

Hello folks-
The book/dvd/cd release "Sense of Place" is almost finished! The book looks amazing, and the new piece for the soundtrack came out great. We are really excited about the soundtrack- half is on the dvd and the second half is on a cd. This means to fully experience the piece, you have to play the cd on a second device while watching the dvd. Release date towards the end of August exclusively from us and aquarius records. Limited to 250.

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Common Eider King Eider is a San Francisco based music and art collective featuring Rob Fisk (Badgerlore, 7 Year Rabbit Cycle, X-Deerhoof), George Chen (7YRC, Chen Santa Maria, K.I.T.), Gregory Hagan (Pale Reverse), and Vicky Fong. We will also be releasing small edition, hand-made cd, vinyl, and book editions in 2012. We are interested in creating pieces for theatre and film.